Welcome to Health Unlocked

Learn the 4 foundations to health so you can feel stronger, happier more energised & calm


After working in top clinics in London for almost 10 years and running my own clinic , I have honed my practice and supported 100s of clients to transform their health. I've created Health Unlocked to share my expertise so you can step into the healthiest, most energised you. There is a lot of conflicting health advice,  so I've simplified everything into science backed, bite sized chunks with actionable steps. I've included guides and recipes for you to implement immediately so you can begin your journey to optimal health upon commencing the course.


How would it feel to go from...

  • Not knowing how to support longevity to having all the tools and a roadmap for optimal health
  • Feeling tired to waking up feeling energised and having sustained energy ALL DAY
  • Feeling frazzled and wired to happy, calm and strong  
  • Not knowing what steps to take to becoming the healthiest version of YOU

This is for you if…

  • You want to feel your best and age well
  • You have some chronic health concerns and don't know where to start  
  • You feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there 
  • You want simple, science backed, effective ways to transform your health
What is included in the course?

4 modules with 28 prerecorded video lectures all with downloadable audio recordings.

15 handouts that you can download giving you step by step instruction on how to support your health and easy action steps.

Recipe and meal plans  to support your health, all with pictures and step by step instruction.

BONUS:  Fermentation class, yoga for the nervous system and gut, mindful meditation, EFT and breathwork sessions. 


Client Words

Sarah JP

Once I started, I immediately noticed a significant improvement in all my symptoms.

Fiona W

The wonderful Farzanah changed everything for me.

Rachel D

I was not OK and waking up in the morning feeling knackered. Farzanah helped me regain my energy! It has been life changing!

Yvonne W

After enduring a wide range of debilitating complaints, I now feel like I am functioning like a normal person again. My day to day life has been transformed and my energy has never been better.


Hi, I’m Farzanah,

As my 1:1 packages are currently fully booked, I wanted to create this course using my proven steps so that I can support you to feel your absolute best too. I want you to wake up feeling refreshed, have consistent energy throughout the day, and feel a sense of calm and happiness.  

My mission is to support everyone to optimal health. My own health journey resulted in me retraining as a Nutritional Therapist and certified Functional Medicine Practitioner almost 15 years ago now. I was burnout, had been diagnosed with 2 autoimmune conditions, had PCOS and an ulcer. I didn't want to take a medication so I learnt how to get to the root cause of all the issues I had and dropped each one of those diagnoses.  

Whether you have a health complaint or not, this course will help you understand yourself better and provide you with evidence informed steps you can take to unlock your health. 

Frequently Asked Questions


A breakdown of what is covered in the four modules